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Welcome to a New Season!!

August 24, 2020


Hello HSAC Seasonal Campers!!


First and foremost, Don and I want to thank you all for being so welcoming and helpful this, our first season at Shady Acres!!


We could not have asked for a better campground Community! We are so grateful for the many offers from joining your campfires to spending a day on your pontoon and even the helpful hands and needed advice! 


In return, we hope that some of the changes this year have made your stay just a little more enjoyable.

This season started later than usual due to the earlier Stay At Home orders, but Harrison Shady Acres was still fortunate to welcome so many fantastic travelers!  Through those visits and great reviews, we also welcomed the families below as new seasonal campers to our community:

Joel & Alexis Weatherholt

Tim Andrews

Scott & Cindy Nunally

Tim & Teresa Roberts

Dean & Jill Roberts

Jeff Roberts

Paul & Christine Knapp

Randy & Ruth Anderson

Scott & Shaun Griffith


And coming in 2021: Quinn & Joel Passmore and Mark & Patricia Divney


Because of this year’s campground gathering restrictions and in an abundance of caution, we have not been able to host any socials this season, but please don’t let that stop you from waving a big hello!  Most of that time, that is all it takes to make someone new feel welcomed!

Yes, COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are still in effect, so please believe that your health and safety are our highest priority and ask that we all continue to:

-- Abide by the 6' social distancing requirement.  When you can't and need to be closer, be sure to wear a mask.

-- Minimize in-person interactions.  Feel free to call or text your questions or requests. We'll respond quickly!

-- Sanitize frequently.  The laundry and bathrooms continue to be cleaned and disinfected frequently. 


  • Website has a bunch of information and we continue to update even with nearby events and activities.


  • FYI Campers Webpage and Password: Easy.  This is a secret place on the website where you can easily locate WiFi, bathroom, and laundry room access codes.  Also, we’ll share newsworthy info just to keep you updated.

  • Feel free to call or text us at 989/539-3111 or email anytime with any suggestions or issues.


We are here for you! 


Kind Regards,


Don & Regina Bethea

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