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Our Policies & RULES

Campground Rules & Policies

  • Harrison Shady Acres Campground is a family camping facility.  Only supervised groups will be accepted with a max 8 persons per campsite.

  • Please drive slowly and carefully with a 5 mile/hr maximum speed limit.  Pedestrians have the right of way on all campground roads.

  • Check in time is 2:00pm; CHECK OUT TIME IS 12:00pm. 

  • Only one RV, tent, etc per site with max 2 vehicles. Hauling or utility trailers can not remain on a campsite and must be moved to the FREE overflow parking area. 

  • RVs must back-in and vehicles must also back-in and park parallel to RV.  Do not park sideways or on other camper sites.

  • Campsites along the campground borders have a maximum of 15 feet behind the numbered posts to utilize unless grandfathered-in or with permission from HSAC owners.

  • Please respect other camper sites.  ATVs/ORVs/Utility trailers can only be driven from assigned camp site on to the road and out of the park.  Never short-cut through other campsites.

  • All electrical connections between electric outlet and receptacle and RV, or for other uses, should be made with 3-prong grounded cords.

  • Quiet Hours are in effect from 11 pm until 8 am daily and holiday weekends from 12am to 8 am. Any unreasonable loud noise is prohibited at any time including TVs and radios.  No generators allowed on campsites.

  • Children may not be left unattended in the campground without adult supervision. Children must be on their site by dark unless accompanied by an adult. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s behavior.

  • Dishwater or sewage must be deposited in dumping station and garbage needs to be deposited into the dumpster and not left outside overnight.

  • All visitors must exit the campground by 10 pm. Campers assume full responsibility for any visitor to their site.

  • No loitering in restrooms.  Restrooms are not intended to be used as laundry or dish washing facilities.

  • No grilling or hot stoves allowed on picnic tables.

  • Dry, affordable FIREWOOD is available for pickup on the log rack at the side of the bath-house ($5/bundle) with payment deposited in the mailbox at the side of the office door.  Wood can also be delivered to your site upon request by texting or calling the office. Firewood is not permitted to be brought into the campground.

  • Before starting a campfire, check for "high" fire danger here and if danger level is low to moderate and there is NO potential for windy conditions, then ensure that the fire ring is far enough away from trees, bushes, and other campers or RVs.

  • Whenever a campfire is burning, an adult MUST be present.  All fires should be small and under control at all times, and must be fully extinguished before retiring or leaving the site or by 11pm. Fires may be prohibited due to weather conditions and should never be set during windy conditions. 

  • No cutting or chopping of any standing trees, dead or alive.  No defacing or damaging trees with knives, nails, axes, or saws.

  • Seasonal campers thinking about adding a deck or shed must  submit size, color/style, and location to HSAC owners for approval at least 2 weeks prior to installation.

  • Please report any unsafe condition.  Report accidents immediately.

  • No soliciting on campground property without permission.

Pet Policies​

  • QUIET AND WELL MANNERED PETS are allowed and welcomed at the campground. No more than two (2) pets per site. WE DO NOT ALLOW INCESSANT BARKING.

  • Pets must always be on a hand-held leash (6 feet or less) and kept under control. Unattended, aggressive or loud animals will be considered a violation of these rules. Pet owners must be able to provide current vaccination papers or proof of current vaccination upon demand.  Pet articles are NOT to be placed in our washers or dryers. Pets are not allowed in any building or play areas.

  • Immediately Pickup After YOUR Pets! You must clean up and properly dispose of your pets waste immediately. Do not leave waste in the fire pit or anywhere around the campground.

More Important Policies​

  • NO SMOKING in any building on site, INCLUDING restrooms. 

  • SMOKING MARIJUANA IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT HARRISON SHADY ACRES CAMPGROUND. Non-compliance will result in forfeiture of your campsite. No refund will be provided.

  • Consumption of ALCOHOL is only permitted on your campsite.  Unruly behavior will lead to eviction.

  • As solely determined by management, drunkenness, any disorderly conduct, illegal drug use, obscene language, any disrespectful/rowdy behavior by you, your guests, pets, children, or anyone in your camp will subject you and your group to permanent loss of your camping privileges and immediate ejection without a refund.


  • Firearms, BB Guns, pellet guns, and sling shots are NOT to be used on campground property.

  • Anyone involved in criminal activity will be prosecuted.

  • No political, religious, profane, derogatory, or offensive signs, banners, or images allowed anywhere on the campground or overflow areas.


  • If you have an emergency while in the park, call 911 and provide your site number. 

  • After-hours utility problems? Text campground management at 989-539-3111.  Do not work on it yourself!

  • HSAC can not be held liable for damages incurred due to fire, theft, accident, or any other claim.

  • Any damage incurred to any campground facilities will be charged to the responsibility of the camper.

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